A lively and interactive event on autism and burnout with practical takeaways

A lively and interactive event on autism and burnout with practical takeaways

The first ALAG and Autism Hub event of 2023 covered the topical issue of autism and burnout. Fatigue, and then subsequent burnout, can happen to anybody. Autistic people can be more susceptible to fatigue and burnout due to the pressures of everyday life, having to navigate social situations and sensory overload. This was a topical event and there were over 50 people with plenty of questions, comments, chat and advice.

I was one of two panellists, with each of us offering experiences and advice. The first panellist offered a personal account of being an autistic parent to autistic young adults. They spoke about how they manage burnout, ways of preventing mental exhaustion and understanding personal triggers –  masking being the key trigger.

I offered my burnout experiences in the work place and appreciation of the difficulties before and after my own diagnosis.

Audience comments and questions were as varied as burnout experiences. There were discussions on coping strategies, personal difficulties and the specific remedies when things are tough. As the event moderator, I enjoyed an interactive session – with many participants eager to offer their opinions, advice and share life experiences. Stimming, indulging in special interests, speaking to someone who can help and spending time alone were recurring themes.

One participant summed up the advice shared by the panellists:

1. Take care of yourself

2. Find something you like doing & indulge yourself

3. Have a fun day out every now & again (actually regularly)

4. Make sure you get some alone time on a regular basis

5. Stay away from alcohol because it can trigger anxieties the next day [despite the immediate benefits]

6. Find things you like doing & put it into your diary so you’re doing something on that every day

7. Make full use of routines/schedules/planning things in advance.

The event key take away was self-awareness : understanding triggers to help prevent burnout, and even when burnout is unavoidable, creating a space to recover with no demands

Nick Stone, Autism Hub peer support facilitator & ALAG member, 4 January 2023

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