Autism and animals

Autism and animals
Tuesday 04 June 2024
19:00 to 20:30

Online Only Event

The Asperger London Area Group (ALAG) and the Autism Hub invite you to an online evening event exploring the therapeutic links between autism, wellbeing and animals.

Research suggests that autistic people have a strong preference to interact with animals over humans. In the US it is reported that 80% of autistic children have participated in some form of pet therapy. Autistic adults may show improved wellbeing when socialising with cats, dogs or horses. Interacting with animals brings out more advanced socialisation skills, which can be used with other humans. It appears that there’s less perceived social threat from animals, from whom unconditional love towards kindly humans is typical.

This event will explore relationships with animals, the research and the therapeutic benefits.

**This is an online event only and will not be recorded.

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We are delighted to be funded by Camden Council & Islington Council.

Camden Council Islington Council London Community Response Fund
Camden Giving Cloudesley Asperger London Area Group

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