Event – 01 August 2023 – Autism and pain management

Tuesday 01 August 2023

19:00 to 20:30

The Autism Hub and ALAG invite you to join us for our online event on Autism and Pain Management

How autistic people perceive pain is not very well understood. Some people believe that autistic people may have a decreased sense of pain, but pain can manifest in different ways.  This online event will explore:

  • Lived experience of pain including co-occurring physical conditions 
  • Sensory overload and manifestation of pain
  • Pain management & coping strategies
  • Accessing pain management services ie. statutory pain clinic, exercise programmes etc.

The event will have a panel of contributors, discussing their own experience and idea for pain management. There will audience Q and A,  allowing the opportunity for wider discussions.

This will be an online event only.

To find out more or to register your interest, please complete our contact form.

We are delighted to be funded by Camden Council & Islington Council.

Camden Council Islington Council London Community Response Fund
Camden Giving Cloudesley Asperger London Area Group

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