Webinar – 2 August 2022 – a consenting concert

Webinar – 2 August 2022 – a consenting concert

The monthly August event was marked changed – with music, poetry and entertainment on offer. Jill Bradford of the Adult Autistic Choir organised an ensemble of performers.

There was poetry, piano, keyboard and guitars. There was a remarkable technical achievement where one person sung and other was on keyboard – remarkable because they’d only first met the day before and this was a Zoom event.

A great deal of styles were on offer across decades music – providing the chance for entertaining sing along. Once the audience were suitably lifted by the songs, there were the inevitable requests.

I enjoyed hosting an entertaining, interactive and musical evening.

Nick Stone, Autism Hub peer support facilitator & ALAG member, 9 August 2022

We are delighted to be funded by Camden Council & Islington Council.

Camden Council Islington Council London Community Response Fund
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