Webinar – 1 November 2022 – autism and sensory processing

An assault on the senses – When a difference becomes a difficulty: Reflection on autism and sensory processing event, 1 November 2022.

November’s ALAG and Autism Hub event was particularly well attended with nearly 60 participants. Little wonder – for tonight’s topic is the recurring issue for most autistic people – sensory processing.

A presentation by Felicity Bowden- Occupational Therapist (East London NHS Foundation Trust) offered medical and scientific insights on processing sensory input: perception, impact and purpose. Many of the audience raised questions about their varied experiences – often complicated by comorbidities.

External sensory inputs where matched with a review of interoception perception of sensations from inside the body. Some of the audience discussed their heightened external sensory awareness and difficulties in contrast with poor judgement on internal sensations – including hunger or pain. 

Reference made to Rachael Thompson who is an autistic Occupational Therapist and her work on sensory integration. https://www.oursensoryworlds.com

Felicity finished her presentation with useful action points: awareness of your system, protect yourself from overload, engage in self soothing actions (eg stimming), look for visual reminders and consider your environment.

This was great session with much audience interaction, a wide variety of questions and thoughtful explanations.  

We are delighted to be funded by Camden Council & Islington Council.

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