Webinar – 7 June 2022 – a personal experience

Nick Stone, Autism Hub peer support facilitator & ALAG member, 8 June 2022

The topic for the June event was autism and therapy. Prior to the event, I briefed the speaker that audience questions would be of a personal nature – and that’s what happened.

Speaker Karen Taylor took the audience through a detailed explanation of therapy – examining childhood experiences, methodology and a particular approach using eye movement desensitisation reprogramming. Often low self esteem and trauma at a young age are revealed in therapy sessions with patients and clients.

After the presentation, came the questions and observations. There had been experiences of efforts to cure autism. Other contributors referred to their waiting times for therapy, extended sessions of over many months or more. There were the unproductive experiences and personal accounts. Overall, these comments were personal and mixed – reflecting varying therapy outcomes.

One useful piece of advice emerged. Chose a therapist that’s right for you. You may need to several sessions before you can be sure.

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